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We Specialize in Computer Repair & IT Services

Located in Winter Park, FL

Yes, We Can Fix It!

Gateway Tech IT Services is as flexible as you want and as fast as you need. Our computer repair services are built to be affordable. Common issues are fixed for a set price—most within the $50-$100 range. We keep our prices lower than our competitors and offer a fair rate for a professional, friendly, and flexible computer repair service. If you’ve got a more involved problem, we offer an excellent hourly rate, too. Book an on-site service and we’ll come to your place of business or residence. Or you can bring your computer to our shop. We’re local, we’re convenient, and we fix most issues on the same day.

We're Your Local Repair Shop

Whatever technology issues you are having, we are able to fix it. Our computer repair and IT Services cover both business and residential needs. We will have you up and running in no time! We are located in Winter Park and offer on-site services that covers the entire Orlando and Central Florida area.

We Do More Than Just Fix Computers

We do everything in regards to IT support. Your business needs access to expert knowledge when everything’s running smoothly, as well as when it isn’t. So we offer complete IT support services, from ongoing maintenance and networking solutions to security and hardware advice and repair.

Fast. Reliable. Affordable.

When your computer dies, it can affect every part of your life. Your business doesn’t run properly and your children aren’t able to watch their beloved shows. We know what a computer emergency can mean for a business or a home so that’s why we created a PC repair service that works a little differently. We do not send your computer away to a warehouse and we don’t subcontract the repair work out to people we’ve never met. Instead, we solve up to most computer repair issues on the spot: whether you’ve decided to come to our shop, or asked us to come to you.

Laptop Repair - Wherever You Are

A faulty laptop can cause all kinds of problems, especially when it breaks on the road. Common issues include broken keyboards, broken or faulty screens, and battery problems. Our laptop repair experts can diagnose and solve most problems on the spot. If you’re stuck in the Orlando area with a laptop that doesn’t work, we can probably come and fix it for you there and then. Laptop repair issues could be diagnosed as a known problem, in which case we’ll fix your machine for a fixed price that’s always lower than our competitors—and always faster than branded solutions.

Mac Repair by Mac Experts

We carry out Mac repairs on all desktop and laptop machines. Our expert Mac repair team is qualified to replace screens, hard drives, keyboards, batteries, repair water damage, and fix all common Mac issues. If your Mac is experiencing issues you can’t resolve through Apple Support, talk to our resident Apple experts. From OS issues to hardware problems, we know how to get your machine up and running again. Our Mac and Macbook repairs are carried out using quality replacement parts. Don’t worry if your Apple Care plan has expired. We’ll bring your iPad, Mac, or MacBook back to life.

Tablet Repair - Wherever You Are

Smashed screens don’t have to be a problem thanks to our tablet repair service. Whether it’s cracks on the surface, a complete disintegration, or an internal hardware issue, our technicians will have your tablet working again. We take water damage, data issues, and battery problems in our stride. Chances are, we’ll have your tablet repaired and ready to go in time for you to get to your next meeting. So whether you use it for entertaining the kids, making shopping lists, or catching up on the big project on your morning commute, you won’t have to go without it when you need it most.

Mobile Repair Without Hassle

No social media. No internet. No uploads. No reminders. When your mobile phone breaks, it can be like suddenly being marooned on a desert island. But don’t worry. We have a mobile phone repairs team that can get you connected again. Our technicians are trained in Android, iOS and Windows phone repair and are able to fix most problems on the spot. Our mobile phone repairs are carried out by friendly experts so no matter what happens to your mobile, you won’t be marooned on that desert island for long.

Data Recovery Services

Lost data doesn’t have to mean a lost project. Before you give up on retrieving your vital files, call our crash team. We’re data recovery experts and can probably pull all or part of the missing information from your device’s hard drive. All file and information retrieval is done on the spot and in most cases, we can drill down to what’s left of your data quickly. We may also be able to save your device. Don’t throw your device out of the window just yet. We’ll do everything we can to get it done in time for you to turn in that project.

IT Support Services

It’s hard to grow your business but with the right IT solutions, you can be sure that growth will come faster. Good networking, wise hardware choices, and robust security protocols allow your business to exchange information quicker, serve clients better, and stay agile in the face of new challenges. Our IT support team provides a complete set of backup services—from maintaining and securing your existing network to helping you grow it. It’s like having your very own IT department without having to commit to a full-time IT department.

Remote Support Services

It’s not always necessary for your IT support team to visit your office or your home. With our remote support service, you get all the benefits of having an IT support department that’s right there in the room with you. In many cases, we can simply walk you through the fix. We might take control of your computer using a remote link. We’re on call when you need us. We carry out both emergency and ongoing IT support as a remote service. Our technicians can even monitor the health of your network without being in your building.

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